Issues at the Forefront

Educational Foundations

Invigorate and support K-12 Schools, putting the future of our children first.

Defend and Fully Fund Public University Systems. Fight for a path towards affordable college education and ways to relieve the burden of student debt.

Protect the Educational Rights of Students with Special Needs.

Healthcare & Environmental Protections

Affordable Health Insurance: Address the shortcomings of the ACA and improve the law for a healthier, patient-centered dialogue. 

Strengthen Healthcare for Patients and Protections for Doctors: Not Insurance Companies.

Defend our Environment: Respond to the reality of climate change and facing the facts.

Economic Growth & Longlasting Infrastructure

Fiscal Responsibility & Investment in an American-made Middle Class.

Fair Trade and lasting Global-centric international partnerships. Safeguard local and small businesses in a global economy.

Invest in Long-lasting Infrastructure, Renewables, and Energy Research.

Digital Age Representation

Better Access to your Representatives, mixing the benefits of technology and efficiently of face-to-face dialogue. 

Our systems for activism have evolved.  Upgrade Our Means of Communication between constituents and Washington for a truly grassroots representation in the "App for that" digital age.

Equality & Diversity

Protect  First Amendment Rights.

Begin to Address Prejudice, Privilege, and Inequality to promote a society of Equality no matter a person's race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Promote diverse enrollment at public colleges and universities. 

Ensure a Free and Independent Press.

Campaign Finance Reform

Get Big Money out of Politics and campaigning. Enough is enough.

Real democracy from real people; not corporations & think-tanks.

Evaluate Redistricting; address Gerrymandering to Prepare for the 2020 Census and how it will impact districts.

Professional Advancement & Retirement Protections

Affordable access to alternative and adult education programs, trade schools, vocational programs, and ongoing professional development.

Address Immobility in the Workforce and Advancement.

Being "Progressive" means everyone advances. Not just those at the top.

2nd Amendment Rights & Freedom to a Safe Livelihood

Support of the 2nd Amendment.

Support of Common Sense Firearm Community Safety Standards and Regulation

Promote Constructive Dialogue and Reasonable Interpretations to the founder's intentions thus insuring the safety of innocent lives.

Immigration & Pathways to Citizenship

Dispel the stigma surrounding undocumented immigrants.

Create better path toward citizenship for law abiding undocumented citizens in this country and work in congress towards comprehensive immigration reform.

Support for those in DACA and DREAMers. Develop permanent fixes.

What Matters To US, All of US

The Approachable Platform

The people deserve reachable representatives. 

In a digital age, the distance between Washington and Illinois should be closer than ever; using technology to promote dialogue and meet the needs of differing opinions, we can close the distance between those as representatives and those they serve.

A Voice that Listens

Politics should work for you and what you care about. Rather than ties to partisanship, congressional voting needs to be a discussion with transparency and compromise. 

While neighbors may vary in opinion from issue to issue, your voice in congress should reflect and equitably represent you and your district.

A Teacher in Government

For decades, partisanship and chasing re-elections have made teachers and their students vulnerable. 

It is time Washington started working the other way around, with the needs of children and their families, students and their teachers considered first. It is time for a paradigm shift in the way Washington works.


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