Think Beyond the Ballot

Most importantly, a campaign by the people, for the people.

Our congressional campaign is about fighting for a responsible governance, a thriving economy, a healthy climate, but most importantly, a strong future for the generations to come. Running for office offers a chance to do more than serve your constituency. It challenges you to prioritize what matters more than even yourself. 

Through your donation, you help us operate a campaign but also join us in providing much needed support to Illinois's 13th congressional district K-12 public schools. Please help us continue our work by making a small contribution and moving our message forward.

Our campaign works differently. This is a grassroots campaign for the progressive values of Illinois's 13th district to finally be heard. We don't want corporate or out-of-state special interest money that separates us from doing what needs to be done for the people of Illinois.

More ways to make a difference

Support Students, Mentors, & Athletes

As a teacher, I speak for many of us in schools by saying thank you for supporting our mission, our classrooms, and our students.

Donate to your local school district
Donors Choose: Support A Classroom
Boys and Girls Club of America
Big Brother's Big Sisters of America
Special Olympics of Illinois

Programs for Community & Equality

Many programs need your support to bring our country together. Great work is being done; help them make our nation stronger.

American Red Cross
Center for Reproductive Rights
The Trevor Project
International Refugee Assistance Project

These non-for profit organizations do not sponsor or endorse political campaigns.
But we value and support them.


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