The Candidate

Teacher. Learner. Motivator. Moderator.

Benjamin Webb is a high school English and Theatre teacher in the Laboratory Schools at Illinois State University.


Mr. Webb grew up in Rockford, Illinois and currently lives in Normal with his wife Rachel. He has taught in Champaign and Rock Island where he attended Augustana College for undergraduate studies in Education and Theatre.

A Teacher in Government?

"With such a wide range of educational perspectives, as well as the lessons taught from my parents, family, colleagues, and friends, I have been shaped into the educator I am today. A diversity of opinions and perspectives help inform my practice, leadership, and decision making. I feel government should operate similarly in order to best serve and reflect the views of the people in order that we all make progress."

I See US Moving Forward

Who Motivates You?

I find the up-and-coming generation of young adults and their invigoration to enact change motivating. We are in divisive times and I hope our message of unity and forward change brings us together and moves us all forward towards a brighter future.

What Makes You Different?

As a lifelong learner, I believe the way we debate and legislate should operate like a classroom, a place where everyone's voices are heard. I offer a perspective that would be unique in the whole of congress: a public school teacher and voice to champion progressive values.

When Are You Running?

I am running in the 2018 Democratic Primary for Illinois's 13th congressional seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. I look forward to bringing the issues I care about to the table just as much as I will endeavor to keep them on the table no matter who faces Davis in the general.

Why Congress?

I see the House of Representatives as a logical place to bring about progress. We have been met with this time and place where politics can be made to work for all of us. Not just the 1%. It is the time for a paradigm shift in our politics where we say we can do better. And will.

Where Will We See You?

Although I live in Bloomington-Normal, I look forward to holding events here at home and across the district in Champaign, Urbana, Springfield, Decatur, Edwardsville, and at the many colleges and universities that serve as home to thousands of our students.

How Can We Help?

I hope you will engage and activate. Our grassroots initiative is to bring your voice forward. Follow our events, participate online, and contribute your time and resources. We have a different approach to campaigning and we hope you'll appreciate it. 


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